Live butterflies for wedding releases and classroom use
Live Butterflies and Live Butterfly Larvae
Shipping Live In-Season Mid Feb - Mid Oct Only

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Get 1 free dozen live butterflies for every order of 3 or more dozen butterflies.
Get 2 free dozen live butterflies for all orders of 100 or more butterflies.

Orders must be placed by March 31, 2015

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Bill's Large Larvae Kit with Large Net

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Live Butterfly
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Butterfly Kits - Larvae (Caterpillars) & Pupae (Coccoons) Kit Refills

Bill's Small Larvae Kit with Small Net

caterpillar food, artificial diet

Butterfly Food

caterpillar food, artificial diet

Bill's Butterfly Supplies

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We've been shipping live butterflies and larvae for over 14 years.

Shipping Live Painted Lady Butterflies and larvae Mid Feb - Mid Oct Only

Shipping Live Monarch Butterflies Jul - Mid / Late Oct Only

We GUARANTEE Our Growing Kits and Live Butterflies for Release.

We can help you plan how to best release live butterflies for any purpose.

We specialize in shipping live wedding butterflies and live larvae to 48 states. 

We supply live butterflies, live larvae and butterfly school kits as educational products to schools and school districts nationwide.

Butterflies and Blueberries Inc is happy to accept school Purchase Orders.

Fax purchase orders to 508-886-2795

USDA regulations prohibit us from shipping Painted Lady butterflies and larvae to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii.

In addition, Monarch butterflies cannot be shipped West of the Rocky Mountains.

All products produced in the USA.

All Products Fully Guaranteed or your Money Back!

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