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"We enjoyed your Butterfly School Kit so much last year that I'd like to order a refill for this spring.
It really worked out so well last year!  It's the best kit I've seen or used so far."
Karen Vitek, Nassau Spackenkill School, Poughkeepsie, NY 

Butterfly Feeding Dish

Painted Lady Butterfly Feeding on Feeding Dish

Bills Butterfly School Kit

Bill's Butterfly School Kit
with Emergence Board

Butterfly School Kit Refill

Bill's Butterfly School Kit Refill

At temperatures of 75 - 78 F, Painted Lady butterflies will emerge 18-21 days from the date your order is shipped. 
The larvae stage lasts for 7-10 and the Chrysalis stage lasts for another 7-10 days.

Bills Butterfly School Kit

"What Do Teachers Say About Our School Kits?"

Bill's Butterfly

School Kits


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Full Butterfly School Kit Features everything you need to raise butterflies from larvae including:

  • 32 Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae - complete with 32 cups and lids (we send 5- 8 extra larvae)

  • 12 inch Cube Large Net Castle sits conveniently on flat surface

  • Washable and easily collapsible for storage

  • Clear Top for Easy Viewing

  • Emergence Board insures successful emergence and easy ID for each Students' Chrysalis
  • Butterfly Feeding Dish for Adult Butterflies

  • Easy to follow instructions and Larvae Butterfly Food included

  • Replacement Larvae Refill Kits available (includes 32 larvae, Butterfly Larvae Food and 32 Cups and Lids)

  • Large Net Castle can be later used with "specimens" found outdoors or other insect projects

  • LIVE Painted Lady larvae shipped mid Feb - Oct 1st

Kit includes LIVE LARVAE + Larvae Butterfly Food

Bill's Butterfly School Kit$56.99

at $56.99 each plus $14.00 shipping

School Kit  includes 32 Live Painted Lady Larvae, 32 Cups and Lids, and Larvae Butterfly Food. (we send 5-8 extra)

USDA regulations prohibit us from shipping Painted Lady butterflies
and larvae to Canada, Alaska,
New Mexico or Hawaii.

Click here if you would like to read or print the
>Directions for Bill's Butterfly School Kit<

(requires Adobe Acrobat)

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