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Bill's Butterfly Nursery & Large Net Castle Kit

...just want to say that you are great!  Great service and wonderful products!! 
Keep the world beautiful and keep growing butterflies!!  Thank you!!  

Bill's Unique Butterfly Kits come with everything you need to raise and release your own butterflies.

Students, Parents, anybody can observe the fascinating process of Metamorphosis (tiny butterfly larvae / caterpillars) growing and changing into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. 

The 12 inch Popup Cube is perfect for viewing your butterflies as they emerge from their Chrysalises.



Butterfly Nursery for Butterfly Larvae
Bills Large Net Castle  Kit

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Bill's Butterfly Large Net Castle   

*All Kits come with Live Painted Lady Larvae
From Mid Feb - Oct 1st Only

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Each Kit Includes:

  • Bill's Butterfly Nursery

  • 12 Inch Popup Cube sits conveniently on a flat surface for hatching your butterflies

  • 5 - 8 Live Painted Lady Larvae

  • Easy to follow instructions for both Bill's Butterfly Nursery and Bill's Large Butterfly Net Castle

  • This is an ideal learning project for children of ALL ages, classrooms or the home schooling environment

  • Can be used for "specimens" collected outdoors
  • Large Net Castle features zippered opening for safe, no-escape, easy access

  • Large Butterfly Net Castle collapses flat for easy storage

  • Both the Net Castle and Butterfly Nursery are completely washable and reusable

  • Designed to work with our Small Larvae Refill Kit

    Bill's Butterfly Nursery & Large Net Castle Kit $48.99 plus $11 shipping
     5-8 Live larvae* are included. 

    at $49.99 plus $ 11.00 shipping

Newly Emerged Adult Butterfly

Newly Emerged Adult Butterfly

Click on image to see enlargement!

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