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Small Net Castle with
Larvae and Food

We have everything you need to raise Beautiful Butterflies 

Butterfly Nursery Kits

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Butterfly School Kit

Full Kit - Caterpilar Kingdom and Emergence Board, the Net Castle, Live Larvae and food

Butterfly Nursery and Net Castle Kit

Nursery and Net Castle with larvae and food (watch them emerge, feed them, watch them fly, and reproduce!!)

$ 48.99
Butterfly Net Castle

Net Castle with Butterfly Feeding Dish (does not include larvae or food)

$ 14.99

Mini Nursery
(4 pack)

4 Individual Mini - Nurseries - 1 per child (great for party favors, troop projects, and science projects)

$ 24.99
Small Net Castle

Small Net Castle with Feeding Dish

$ 9.99
Butterfly Supplies Butterfly Supplies to Refill your kits  
Live Butterfly Larvae

Refill your Butterfly Kits - Compatible with all kits. Start your own mini Butterfly Farm! Discounts for large orders. Wholesale quantities available.

Painted Lady Butterfly Larva Food

Feeds butterfly larvae

Butterfly School Kit Refill

32 Painted Lady larvae, 32 cups and lids, food and instructions

$ 42.99

Live butterfly larvae is guaranteed to arrive alive or your money back!

We ALSO have everything you need to have a Beautiful Butterfly Release 

>>Click here for all live butterfly release information<<

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