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We'll help you create a fundraising event that will bring joy for any organization or group.

Our butterflies are popular with Churches, Hospice Centers, Schools, Nursing Homes, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

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Painted Lady Butterfly Release #1 (12 butterflies)
Good for small, intimate gatherings

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Release Package # 2 (24 butterflies)
Good for medium sized gatherings.
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Release Package # 3 (36 butterflies)
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Release Package # 5 (100 butterflies)
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Monarch Butterfly Packages
Monarchs are available Mid July - Mid Sept Only

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Monarch Butterfly Release Package # 6 (12 Monarch butterflies)
Good for small, intimate gatherings

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Release Package # 7 (60 Monarch butterflies)
Good for larger groups.
$ 400.00

Monarch & Painted Lady Mix

Butterfly Mix - Monarchs & Painted Ladies
Release Package # 8
(100 Painted Lady butterflies and 12 Monarch Butterflies)

Lots of butterflies and a little extra pizazz (for maybe some special people?) with the monarchs!

$ 325.00

Mass Butterfly Release Box $ 15.00

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When we started Butterflies and Blueberries, Inc we knew that people were delighted by  butterfly releases for celebratory events like graduations, weddings, parties and memorial services.

We now have numerous repeat customers, individuals and institutions alike, such as The Compassionate Friends, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Nursing Homes, and many health and hospice centers who use butterflies in celebration fundraising programs, special events, and healing ceremonies.

People love nature, and something special happens when people connect to nature and to one another by making a wish and releasing a live butterfly into the wild. Releasing live butterflies can be done at a sunrise or sunset celebration on a beach or in a park.   Butterflies can be released on school, hospital, or hospice center grounds.   The butterfly release event can be coordinated with a speech or music, or anywhere there is a gathering of people outside.

Read testimonials and view videos of Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice Butterfly Release Celebration to see how this special organization uses butterflies to honor and celebrate others, and to raise money for those less fortunate.

Hospice Butterfly Release Hospice Monarch Release Butterfly Release

The butterfly has long symbolized a transition, a renewal, a sign of hope, a memory of the simple beauty of nature.
Health and hospice centers, assisted living and nursing homes, schools and numerous other organizations are using butterfly releases as a highly effective fund raising tool.  A butterfly release program helps to support people in transition by inviting them to a life celebration of their loved one.

Sometimes one donor will buy butterflies so that everyone at the event can release one butterfly at a coordinated time. Other times each person who wants to donate can be given a butterfly to release.


If you would like to order live butterflies to release at any event, call us and we'll help you learn how you can use live butterflies for celebrations, memorial services, to commemorate your special event or for a highly effective fundraising tool for your organization or non-profit fundraiser.

Our beautiful, hand raised Monarchs & Painted Lady butterflies
will surprise and delight your guests at any special occasion.

 *Live Butterfly orders must be placed 2-3 weeks in advance.
     (We always do our best to fill all short-notice orders)
*Full payment is required when you order.
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We ship your live fundraising butterflies via the best overnight carriers. Butterflies will arrive the day before the event in an insulated container. The only care required is to keep the ice pack fresh & cold. Before they are shipped to you, each butterfly is fed and exercised and then gently placed in its individual,

Optional: FREE personally printed "keepsake" envelope.

Our butterflies should be released during daylight hours with temperatures of at least 72 degrees F. All butterflies are native species and will easily adapt to their new environment in the wild.

Care instructions for your butterfly release, the Native American Legend, and Our Refund Policy are included in every shipment.

Got questions about releasing butterflies? Follow the links below.

 Why Is It OK To Release Live Butterflies?

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We specialize in shipping live memorial service butterflies and live larvae to 48 states overnight. 

USDA regulations prohibit us from shipping Painted Lady Butterflies and Larvae to Canada, Alaska, New Mexico or Hawaii.

In addition, Monarch Butterflies cannot be shipped West of the Rocky Mountains.

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