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Bill's Butterfly Mini Nursery

Mini Butterfly Nursery


Mini 4-Packs with Painted Lady larvae Food

Includes 4 Mini Nurseries, each with 1-2 Painted Lady Larvae and Larvae Butterfly Food packaged in a 4-Pack container
with Complete Instructions for you and to hand out with each Mini Nursery.

Bill's Mini-Nursery 4-Pack

$24.99 plus $10.00 shipping

at $24.99 each plus $10.00 shipping



  • Snap-on lid for easy access

  • Clear nursery makes it easier to see activity
  • Easy Instructions for you to put kits together

  • Clear Instructions to hand out with each Mini Nursery

  • 2 bases: one for larval stage (easy disposal of old food & Frass), another with air holes and netting for chrysalis and emergence stages

  • Economical & disposable

  • Great for Science Projects, Scout Troops, Classrooms and Birthday Parties

    *All Kits available with Painted Lady Live Larvae Mid Feb - Oct 1st.




We also have super-delux versions that include all supplies

Bill's Butterfly School Kit

Bill's Small Butterfly Larvae Kit with Small Net Castle

Bill's Large Butterfly Larvae Kit with Large Net Castle

All kits come with live larvae, larvae butterfly food and all supplies necessary.

Any kit shipped with live larvae is only available mid-Feb - Oct Only.

USDA regulations prohibit us from shipping Painted Lady butterflies
and larvae to Canada, Alaska,
New Mexico or Hawaii.

Call 800-659-6570 to purchase


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