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This is What Our Customers & Teachers Say about Our Butterfly Growing Kits!

butterfly plant with butterflys

...just want to say that you are great!  Great service and wonderful products!!  Keep the world beautiful and keep growing butterflies!!  Thank you!!   Kimberly

I just wanted you to know that everything is fine with my butterflies.  As of yesterday, they all formed a chrysalis!  D. Milella

Hi! Thanks for the quick shipping and extra kit that you sent with our recent painted lady butterfly kit. They are doing well and I amazed how quickly they have grown! Shoot, the first night they doubled in size!  M. Harmon 

Thank you very much! You saved my project.  I'm writing just to let you know the caterpillars and chrysalises arrived fine.  The chrysalises look so cool!  Thank you for your time and help!  I'm sure I'll get an A.  Thank you!    Emily

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience of growing butterflies.  Our three beautiful butterflies were released yesterday, and one more is drying his wings as I write this. My children have enjoyed this experience as much as I.  We would love to order more for next year.  L. Thomas

...The best was that she (the birthday girl) went to the door (we were with the birthday party out back) and the delivery man had her sign for the present, which was the butterfly kit! She was thrilled.  We've already measured the lovely larvae several times with the wooden ruler to determine whether they're ready to transfer to the "nursery".  Thank you so much!    L. Pyle

Just wanted you to know that the batch of butterflies were a great success!!!  The Kids LOVED the whole chrysalis process & watching them open into butterflies!  My three year old said that it was "Amazing"!! She was even able to hold them for a while on her finger before we released them outside on a beautiful day!  Thanks again!    
L. Hanks

Thank you so much for expediting my previous order of mini-nurseries. They arrived on Friday, as promised, and the hit of our Butterfly Party. W. Fulton


The larvae you sent to my school all formed perfect chrysalises-we had a 100% success rate, and all arrived alive in the beginning.  The kids are thrilled, and we are looking forward to releasing them after the adults lay some eggs for the kids to take home. 
C. Hepp   Milkweed Cafe 

Just a short note to tell you the butterfly kit that came from your firm in Rutland was very well put together and very generously stocked for a classroom. The students are having a "blast" with the new friends in the classroom.  The Survival rate and the number that went into a chrysalis within 2 days of each other was amazing.  I only have 1 out of 36 that hasn't pupated yet. This has been great!    S. Cronin  5th Grade  Groton, MA

We enjoyed your Butterfly School Kit so much last year that I'd
like to order a refill for this spring. It really worked out so well last year!  It's the best kit I've seen or used so far.
    Karen Vitek     Nassau Spackenkill School      Poughkeepsie, NY 

Sometimes a shipment of larvae just don't "make it".  This is from a customer we sent a replacement shipment to...

Thank you so much for not only calling and leaving a message , but for also emailing me. I look forward to trying this again, the week of the 13th.  Thank you for taking care of all this!  You never know when you do things for the first time, let alone try something over the internet, how it will turn out.  I want to thank you for standing behind your butterflies.  If you ever need a reference you can give my name.  Thank you once again so much!     Ms. T. Prescott

From fellow butterfly breeders we supply...

Hi, I love your stock! The emergency filler order you sent me last year saved my neck! Please put in an order for 100, this time. Thanks so much!    L.P.

Bill & Laurel's Painted Ladies are so big and scrumptious. I received a batch of larvae and the critters really chowed down on their Special Diet and many are forming gorgeous J's right now! And they are HUGE. These are really healthy, honest!    M. McCarthy


butterfly plant with butterflys

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